This "Natural Earth-Heart" was carved by a river in the 'Trinity Alps Wilderness' of California--where I worked on a Wilderness Fire Lookout Tower for the US Forest Service.

My theory(s) are that the high spring water flows of Canyon Creek River (Trinity National Forest) began carving it out over a thousand years ago, if not more. It appears the sand (as shown) did a very unique and symetrical rock'in rhythm during the high spring river flows--bringing a delicate and consistent washing-carving action of fine sand. Or maby, it would fill with endless winter rain, and when freezing, the endless ice expansions would do the carving?

Another possibility is that just the wind alone upon this little pool of water rocked the abrasive sand over the years to form it? I have become more attracted to the "ice-theory", possibly with the aid of little "goddess -pool organisms" directing all of the ice crystals to do the carving. You can see all of the cascading rings that desend to the bottom of the pool clearly. This seems to have been an enormous and well thought-out project by "Something".

This rock is a massive flat granite bolder and was a well 5-6 feet above the low summer river flows. The carving itself is only about 12" by 8" and about 6" deep at its lowest point at the top, which appears to resemble a "feminine artifact" to me. It has "arms coming down" to hold its most precious heart.

It's finding was synchronistic with having secured the Domain Name of EarthHeart.org just two days before I discovered it (2001) 1/4 mile from my homestead. I even amazingly had a digital camera with me at the time. I propped-up nothing. The sand and water-level and picture are exactly as I found it--sacred. I did not want to touch it...some kind of gods did this--no human-being is so capable of such fine organic detail and intention. The morning spray and wind--of turbulent water--would fill it every day with water, then the midday sun would dry the surrounding rock, accenting the mirrored godess pool. The evaporating levels of the pool would turn this into a living movie. This was such an exquisite picture and experience.

I was overjoyed with this experience, wanting to believe that it was some kind of confirming message from the Earth that I really was to be EarthHeart.org. The carving--at the top--reminds me of the goddess symbols prolific in Europe around 30,000 BC

Some day I will go back there and sit in the memory and experience of that beautiful moment--all anew!

-Michael Telluris Cudak