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These quotations came from " RELIGION IN EXILE", New York: Crossroad (1998)

"Yet scientists tell us that at the deepest core of matter, at the very nexus of what we are made out of, there's not solid stuff but rather relationships, potentialities and possibilities. In fact, everything in existence springs forth from the cosmic womb of unlimited possibility, according to quantum physics. This is the realm of creative Spirit, weaving the story of creation's unfolding across eons that our human minds can barely comprehend."-Diarmuid O’ Murchu

"DNA is fundamentally about information. At the observable level, that is what the body is all about--a self-organizing, intelligent organism, but one that requires creative interaction with all other embodied forms for the release of its true potential. No bodily form makes sense in isolation. Interdependence is written into the very essence of embodied reality. Indeed, it is these two features--intelligence and interdependence--that provide the most generic clues to the meaning of our embodied existence in a corporeal universe."-Diarmuid O’ Murchu

"It is time to embrace the cosmic and planetary context within which our life story and the story of all life unfolds. We belong to a reality greater than ourselves, and it is within that enlarged context that we will rediscover the benign and generic mystery within which everythingis endowed with purpose and meaning."-Diarmuid O’ Murchu

"The word has assumed not merely a descriptive and analytical power, but has now assumed a divine symbolism which gave the ruling male class the right to impose an oppressive value system to foment the patriarchal wish to be totally in charge…"-Diarmuid O’ Murchu

"From an evolutionary point of view, the non-verbal potential is more natural, innate and deeply rooted in our collective psyche than the propensity for spoken language…"-Diarmuid O’ Murchu

"The external structures of building and spoken word do not inspire or awaken religious sentiment in people of our age…" -Diarmuid O’ Murchu



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